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Get Your Barbecue On is a show for backyard cooks looking for tips and insight into barbecuing, grilling, and outdoor entertaining.

Each week we will:

  • Share barbecuing and grilling tips, techniques, recipes, and a few Pit Master secrets you just have to know.
  • Feature fun, interesting and informative guests.
  • Answer questions posted on our website.


Well, folks, if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ken Alexander, let me introduce you. With over fifty years under his belt, Ken’s been perfecting the art of barbecue, especially at his renowned spot, Ken’s Hardwood BBQ in Tucson, AZ.

Raised by a strong mother and surrounded by the genuine warmth of a Southern community, Ken’s always held family, tradition, and of course, good Southern cooking close to his heart. His days in the US Marine Corps and on the college football field taught him dedication, discipline, and the true value of hard work.

As his career took him across the globe, Ken’s love for diverse flavors grew, but he always found comfort in the familiar notes of Southern dishes. No matter where he went, those down-home tastes followed.

Today, Ken’s more than just a barbecue expert. He’s a man dedicated to family, community, and, most importantly, to bringing folks together. His show, “Get Your Barbecue On™”, is a testament to that. It’s a haven for all you aspiring grillmasters and barbecue enthusiasts out there, sharing tips, tricks, and the love of outdoor cooking. Join Ken and embark on a flavorful journey that captures the essence of true Southern barbecue.

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